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Earth System Governance – Volume 4

2020. Earth System Governance - Volume 4


We are delighted to present the fourth volume of Earth System Governance, the new open-access journal for all those interested in the study of institutions, political processes and governance mechanisms related to environmental change, earth system transformations and the quest for global sustainability. In this Issue, containing 6 articles, diverse issues of earth system governance are explored, for example circular economy, science-policy interface on biodiversity and ecosystem services, anthropocene and the geo-political imagination.

Volume 4 is fully available here

  • Wesselink, Anna , Oliver Fritsch, Jouni Paavola. Earth system governance for transformation towards sustainable deltas: What does research into socio-eco-technological systems tell us?
  • Gustafsson, Karin M., Isabel Díaz-Reviriego, Esther Turnhout. Building capacity for the science-policy interface on biodiversity and ecosystem services: Activities, fellows, outcomes, and neglected capacity building needs.
  • Lövbrand,Eva, Malin Mobjörk, Rickard Söder. The Anthropocene and the geo-political imagination: Re-writing Earth as political space.
  • Ddiba, Daniel, Kim Andersson, Steven H.A. Koop, Elisabeth Ekener, Göran Finnveden, Sarah Dickin. Governing the circular economy: Assessing the capacity to implement resource-oriented sanitation and waste management systems in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Papin, Marielle. Where do novelties come from? A social network analysis of Transnational Municipal Networks in global climate governance.
  • Dahlmann, Frederik , Wendy Stubbs, Rob Raven, João Porto de Albuquerque.The ‘purpose ecosystem’: Emerging private sector actors in earth system governance.



Earth System Governance is an open access journal. All published articles are freely available through the internet to anybody, anywhere, at all times. We have chosen this model for a variety of reasons.

Earth System Governance has been launched as the key global forum for the scientifically rigorous but also solution-driven debate on how to respond to global environmental change and earth system transformation by making our governance systems, from local to global levels, more effective, more equitable, and more democratic. We look forward to your contributions.

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