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Transformations Community


The Transformations Community is a “generative space and a catalyzing force for sustainability research and practice. Our global community of transformation “pracademics” (both practitioner and researcher) is responding to a growing recognition that we need new approaches to address climate change and other existential threats to social-ecological systems.”

The Transformations Community empowers individuals to catalyze positive change by bridging the gap between theory and practice, seamlessly integrating knowledge creation with impactful action. Our mission transcends disciplinary boundaries, connecting diverse professionals across various sectors, geographies, and cultural contexts. Through cutting-edge action research, learning opportunities, and career development support, we equip our members with the skills and mindset necessary to lead collaborative efforts towards sustainable, regenerative, and equitable futures.

Core Principles:

  • Transdisciplinarity
  • Translocalism
  • Transformative Learning
  • Temperance

Since its inception, the Transformations Community has held a number of conferences and workshops that embody these principles, offering a structured framework for collaboration while nurturing creativity and innovation. Please visit the Transformations website to see the full run-down of our recent conference that took place in 4 locations, with about 750 attendees, as well as information about our five previous conferences.

Other notable materials include Transformations Community publications, most notably our conference proceedings, which was just published and can be found here. It contains conference papers, as well as summaries of our “state of the field” sessions, and a paper that considers the future of the community.

For more information, contact the TC team.

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