Through Taskforces, the Earth System Governance Project seeks to push the frontiers of research in specific areas of its research agenda. Taskforces are led by Lead Faculty or Senior Research Fellows, with numerous Research Fellows participating. Taskforces are open for all and often interact with other research communities, organizing events, webinars, and publications, and facilitating research all over the world.

Task Forces

  • Taskforce on New Technologies

    The ESG Taskforce on New Technologies facilitates communication, cooperation, and collaboration among scholars of environmental governance and regulating emerging technologies. It also raises the profiles of technologies in environmental governance scholarship, as well as that of environmental governance in the scholarship of regulating emerging technologies.

  • Task Force on Ocean Governance

    The Taskforce on Oceans Governance seeks to address the daunting multi-level challenge of oceans governance in the Anthropocene. It brings together scholars from the global Earth System Governance network, with other researchers and practitioners to advance expertise and develop policy solutions in the marine area.

  • Task Force on Methodology for Earth System Governance Research

    The Task Force on Methodology for Earth System Governance Research addresses methodological challenges in terms of both social science methods and interdisciplinary methods at the interface of social and natural sciences.

  • Task Force on Earth System Law

    A major objective of the Taskforce on Earth System Law is to explore novel legal developments in and for the Anthropocene, where the earth as a whole is now seen to have become a socio-ecological system with human societies acting as a global geophysical force capable of changing this system, and at once as stewards of earth system care.

  • Task Force on Conceptual Foundations of Earth System Governance

    The Taskforce on Conceptual Foundations of Earth System Governance explores key ideas that are coming to frame international discussion of the challenge of governance in times of global environmental change and earth system transformation. It is concerned with understanding, refining and critically interrogating concepts that increasingly provide the foundation for contemporary theory and practice in the environmental domain.

  • Task Force on Accountability in Global Environmental Governance

    The Accountability in Global Environmental Governance network (AGEG) explores approaches to accountability, to assess the necessity and potential for greater accountability in the system of global environmental governance that has been riddled by fragmentation and duplication of efforts, dispersed political authority and weak regulatory influence.