Taskforce & Meeting Day

We welcome all conference participants to participate in the Taskforce and Meeting Day on 9 November. This day is reserved for taskforces, harvesting initiatives, and similar working groups of the Earth System Governance Project to find collective space to advance writing projects, plan new events, and shape the research and outreach agenda in the numerous subfields of the Earth System Governance Project.

Registration for the meetings on the Taskforce & Meeting Day is separate from the registration for the 2019 Mexico Conference.

More events will be announced in the coming weeks!

Democracy and Earth System Governance

9 November 2019, 09:00-13:00 register for this meeting here.

This meeting will bring together members of the Earth System Governance Working Group on ecological democracy as well as other researchers interested in issues of democracy in earth system governance. The half-day meeting will begin with a round of introductions and updates from participants, followed by a set of interactive discussions to plan the work of a proposed Earth System Governance Task Force on democracy and earth system governance. The event will provide an opportunity for participants to strengthen their research networks and explore plans for future collaboration. The meeting will be facilitated by the co-convenors of the Working Group (Jonathan Pickering, Karin Bäckstrand and Thomas Hickmann).

Note: Following this meeting there will be a closed meeting of the working group coordinators.

Taskforce on Earth System Law

9 November 2019, 09:00-17:00, register for this meeting here.

The Taskforce on Earth System Law will hold its annual meeting on 9 November 2019 as part of the Earth System Governance conference in Oaxaca, Mexico. Building on the previous meetings in Lund and in Utrecht, we will specifically reflect on how to expand the activities and impact of the Taskforce beyond 2019. This will include: refining and finalizing a shared vision, mission and objectives for the Taskforce; developing a shared scientific research agenda, including future events and outputs; discussing the ongoing book publication on Earth system law initiated during the Utrecht meeting; and discussing alternative publications and research dissemination strategies. In preparation for the meeting, we warmly invite participants to read the latest publication on Earth system law by Kotzé and Kim titled Earth System Law: The Juridical Dimensions of Earth system Governance. Further details about the meeting will be made available in due course. We warmly invite any suggestions for additional agenda items. Please contact the co-convenor of the Taskforce, Louis Kotzé.