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Research Centre Chiang Mai

About the Research Centre

The Unit for Social and Environmental Research (USER) is is a small inter-disciplinary research group within the Chiang Mai University School of Public Policy (CMU-SPP).

We have long-standing interests in governance of natural resources and environmental change. Most of our policy-related research is carried out in the Mekong Region but we welcome collaboration and comparative analysis with other parts of the world.

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Recent publications

Building Capabilities for Earth System Governance

This Element develops a new Strategic Capabilities Framework for studying and steering complex socio-ecological systems. It is driven by the…

Trade and the Environment: Drivers and Effects of Environmental Provisions in Trade Agreements

The mushrooming of trade agreements and their interlinkages with environmental governance calls for new research on the trade and environment…

The Politics of Deep Time

Human societies increasingly interact with processes on a geological or even cosmic timescale. Despite this recognition, we still lack a…

A Green and Just Recovery from COVID-19?: Government Investment in the Energy Transition during the Pandemic

Stimulus spending to address the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to either facilitate the…