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Research Centre Lund

About the Research Centre

Research Centre Lund includes the Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS) and The Department of Political Science at Lund University. LUCSUS is a platform for education, research and cooperation inside and outside academia on questions related to sustainable development. LUCSUS is a faculty-independent centre at Lund University. LUCSUS will take lead in research on the analytical problem of allocation and access under the Earth System Governance Project. Political Science has been studied at Lund University since 1877. Today, Lund University’s Department of Political Science combines old traditions with modern research and education.

The research centre coordinators are Emily Boyd and Fariborz Zelli.

Recent publications

Just Transitions: Promise and Contestation

Just transition prompts us to explore a number of important dimensions of Earth System Governance research, including sustainability transformations, inequality,…

Climate-smart socially innovative tools and approaches for marine pollution science in support of sustainable development

There is a complex interaction between pollution, climate change, the environment and people. This complex interplay of actions and impacts…

Global Environmental Politics in a Turbulent Era

With the rapid destabilization, escalation and convergence of various environmental crises, global environmental politics is facing extreme turbulence. Tracing the…