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Research Centre Oldenburg

About the Research Centre

The Research Centre Oldenburg at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany, is committed to contribute to the implementation of the Earth System Governance Project as part of the global alliance of Earth System Governance Research Centres. With the interdisciplinary Master´s programme Sustainability Economics and Management (SEM) it aims towards training future leaders to enable them to face pressing problems such as global warming, loss of biodiversity, diseases and poverty by imparting economic knowledge and a well founded combination of expertise in ecological and social issues, as well as a sense of responsibility. Since 2006, the Oldenburg Centre for Sustainability Economics and Management (CENTOS) bundles the university´s research, teaching and consulting activities within the area of sustainability economics and management as well as sustainability-related governance research. It is part of the university-wide Centre for Environmental and Sustainability Research COAST.

The Research Centre Oldenburg conducts a wide range of governance-related research in the fields of social learning, justice and governance of ecosystem services, governance of adaptation to climate change, and coastal protection as well as higher education initiatives for sustainable development. Focal areas of this research are among others Germany, East Africa and South Africa.  Read more about the Research Centre Oldenburg.

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